Townson-Rose Funeral Home

Funeral services


At Townson-Rose Funeral Home, we offer many options for conducting Funeral Services. We have prepared this page to assist you in understanding some of the available choices you have in making funeral plans for a traditional funeral. 


This service can be the day before or just prior to the funeral service. Having a visitation allows the family and friends the opportunity to express their condolences and grieve. Photographs and other personal items can be displayed to pay tribute to the life of the deceased. This allows for a more personal service for your loved one and friends and family.


The funeral service can be held at the funeral home or at your church or place of worship. Townson-Rose Funeral Home serves people of all faiths. We work closely with the clergy to make certain that the service is exaclty what the family wants.


Some families simply choose to have a graveside service as opposed to the traditional funeral service in a church or funeral home. A visitation is still possible with this type of service. Though usually would be held on the previous day.